Indigenous Health &amp Cross Culture Care


This essay requires students to examine the concept of culture and discuss how it relates to the social determinates of health, within the Australian context and explore how a Primary Health Care approach can facilitate improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander within the health care setting.

To achieve this students are required to:

Critically analyse historical events that have influenced the current health status for Indigenous Australians, including policy (i.e. protectionist, integration, assimilation, segregation, self-management, self-determination).
Define and discuss the concept of culture in relation to the social determinates of health
Identify the principles of Primary Health Care (PHC) and discuss how they are applied with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific health care settings (Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector).
Discuss how an understanding of culture and PHC principles can influence nursing practice.

Must have a minimum of 5 recent scholarly articles/documents/reports

APA Referencing must be used see link on study desk