important priorities for nursing care of Selena

Identify the two immediate and important priorities for nursing care of Selena Serena is a young girl aged 20 months.Her parents have brought her to the emergency department of their local hospital at approximately 0200 hours. On admission the medical record notes the following assesment: 20/12 female child,with a 2/7 history of sore throat,fevers, and profuse nasal discherge. Parent report that ealier this evening,she developed a barking cough and has had increasing difficult breathing patient history:well child.No prior admission/presentations. On examination:Pale, peripherally warm,irritable.marked inspiratory stridor.Mild intercostal recention & use of abdominal muscles.Influence barking cough.Profuse nasal secretions Oxygen saturation:93% in room air respitory Rate: 32/minute, Heart Rate:162/minutes. Temp: 38.9 c per axilla Weight 11.4 kilograms Diagnosis: Viral group. Plan:Oral corticosteroid may reguire oxgygen therapy to maintain oxygen saturation above 95% observe fluid intake and output. Admit to children ward Ressess in 4 hours. For this assinment, students are required to: 1. Locate and utilize relevant literature for the assingment.This include: -Two clinical practice guidelines that relate to the management of children with the condation. 2. Write an introduction that explains: – Background to the topic; – Purpose of the assinment – Search method used to locate the clinical practice guideline from another country 3. Identify the two immediate and important priorities for nursing care of Selena 4. Outline and discuss a plan nursing care for selena and her family, using the clinical oractice guidlines and other relevant literature to support discussion. 5. Write a clear and logical conclusion that explains the key findings of the assignment.