Identify using nursing knowledge a health need that is relevant to the clients illness requirement

Identify using nursing knowledge a health need that is relevant to the client’s illness requirement

Any Health professionals should consider a socioecological approach to client management, in which the person with progressive illness, interact with family, and others within a wider community, to promote certainty, reduce fear, and increase quality of life. Using a socioecological application, the registered nurse / primary nurse, works with the client to establish realistic goals and gain access to adequate resources appropriate to achieving goal outcomes.
• A registered nurse / primary nurse provides connections between the client and organisations, team members of the organisations, community networks, and equipment / services across the healthcare continuum. The registered nurse / primary nurse identifies the resources available (including resources from ‘the person’ abilities) that can be utilized as a strength or additional support to facilitate the successful plan of care. This ‘action of doing’, gives a style of healthcare management that engages the recipient and normalises their life.
Task 2 – Information

The Link for the Patient’s Case Video:
Meet Cathy and husband Brett. They live at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, only recently becoming an Australian citizens on 26th January as they had immigrated to Australia from Canada 3 years earlier. Cathy is currently undergoing treatment for her illness. Identify a health need to the trajectory phase, and as the registerd nurse / primary nurse caring for her, implement the care delivery / coordination and appropriate strategies necessary to support the action plan.
the goal for this assessment is to promote knowledge in clinical decision making and care coordination for a client who is living with a progressive illness.
First identify using nursing knowledge a health need that is relevant to the client’s illness requirement and trajectory phase. Following this, recognise the specific health care intervention (s) (goals) that supports the individual to achieve the goals from the health need.
Based on the concepts of learning taken from within the coursework reason and justify the action of care delivery and coordination, as this approach will allow evidence base reasoning and a rationale on the actions of care identified as important. Promote your role as the rgistered nurse / primary nurse and the knowledge that supports the clinical decisions you make.
By applying the S/E framework as a tool the approach to care delivery and coordination encompasses all elements of a person world – individual, close relationships and external health delivery/support. The five sections of the framework are to be used as a tool allowing a nurse to provide effective care in order to meet and to achieve the realistic health goal(s). To achieve the goals of care each of the 5 sections of the s/e framework provides the identification and the use of valuable resources available.
It is to be assume that the client is living locally in the Southeast region of Queensland.