Identify two hot styles and two hot colors in your department/product category.

*I will upload rubric, and an example of this paper***(this is for a merchant buy&management class in fashion and retail studies)
Trend Analysis and Assortment Planning
Trend Analysis and Model Stock: Familiarize yourself with the merchandise represented by the department you have selected. Conduct research (fashion magazines, fashion catalogues, etc.) so that you can present a trend analysis for the upcoming season. Provide citations.
1. First determine and indicate product classifications that you want to carry for your department. You should explain how/why you identified these classifications.
2. Select one product classification you want to work on in this project. You should name the classification you choose.
3. Determine a model stock for that specific product classification you identified in step 1-(2). The total number of SKUS for this classification should range from 50 SKUs to 150 SKUs. You should have at least three different styles. Indicate how much of your budget will be spent on this model stock and how much that means you can pay for each piece.
4. Conduct further research to determine specific styles, colors, and sizes that you want to carry for the product classification you have selected. Remember that the number of styles, colors, and sizes should be based on the model stock you have determined in the step 1-(3). You should name the kinds of styles, colors, and sizes you choose. You should also explain how/why you choose these styles and colors.
a. When you select styles and colors, keep in mind that there will be a certain level of basic merchandise that doesnt have a fashion-forward direction.
b. For sizing systems, you can follow what you find in the store your chose or you can choose one of your own•
5. Identify two hot styles and two hot colors in your department/product category. You should explain why these styles and colors would be the most popular•
Trend Board: Construct a trend board that identifies your two hot styles and two hot colors. Name these styles and colors. The trend board should be a one slide visual.