Identify two actual or potential health concerns for your chosen patient

The main aim of case report will be to apply selected theories from the course content to simulated
problem solving and decision-making, reinforcing the applicability oftheory to practical situations.
From the Health of Adults Horizon clients, choose either Carl Paxton-Giles OR Nipun Arora. Please
consider the following information presented for your chosen client: Patient Information, Progress
Summary, Care Plan, Medication Chart, Handover and Resources. Please DO NOT refer to the
Scenario section of your Horizon clients Medical Record for this assessment item.
Based upon your chosen client, construct a case report. Your case report must draw upon the
academic literature, be written in the third person, and have headings. Your case report should
include the following:
Introduction (150 words)
Introduce your selected client and give a brief overview oftheir case. Provide an outline of the
topics you will discuss.
Psychosocial Development and Lifestyle Choices (400 words)
Using one of the theories of psychosocial development, state which behaviours may be predicted at
your chosen clients age. For example, you might focus on the developmental theories of Levinson,
Buhler or Erickson.
Identify and briefly discuss any lifestyle choices in the scenario that may have contributed to your
chosen clients current health status.
Nursing Management (800 words)
Identify two actual or potential health concerns for your chosen patient and outline nursing
management strategies which could be utilized to monitor/address these health concerns.
Conclusion (150 words)