Identify the type of heart failure based on data presented in the case study. Express your understanding of the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of heart failure. Answer other questions associated with heart failure

1. Read and review information about the topic. You can use your textbook, ( Porths Pathophysiology. Concept of Altered Health States 9th edition. By Sheila Grossman,Carol Mattson Por), other nursing or medical books, scientific articles, or scholarly websites (American Heart Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). All sources used in this assignment must be ‘scholarly sources. Please remember that WebMD, Wikipedia, and other internet sites are not considered scholarly sources.

2. Carefully, read the case study.

3. Answer the questions that follow the case study. These questions are to be answered in a 3-4-page paper that conforms to APA formatting, including cover page, citations, direct quotes, and reference page.