Identify the training and employee development needs at your company.

The final project for this course is the creation of a human resources workforce plan on a company of your choice (approved by your instructor). The current state of the chosen organizations workforce will be examined and plans to meet organizational goals will be detailed. The workforce plan will describe the process that a human resource manager must take in order to achieve the desired results, supported by scholarly research. The final artifact will be a document worthy of presentation to future employers as a methodical approach in identifying and resolving talent development and workforce planning discrepancies. The proposed workforce plan should cover talent development and workforce planning as they relate to the organizational goals of projected growth and projected reductions, as well as current staffing level. The “big picture” view is to determine, from an HR standpoint, where the company wants to go, assess where they are at currently, and design a plan to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Milestone Two Prompt
Submit a 4–5 page paper analyzing the current state of the workforce for your chosen company. This information will be used as part of the final Human Resources Workforce Plan. Within the analysis of the current state, address the following:

I. Competency Gaps
a. What is the current state of the workforce of your company?
b. Based on the companys strategic goals, are there gaps in the competencies of the current workforce? Explain how you identified these gaps (or lack of gaps).
c. Does the company systematically identify competency (or skill) gaps for workforce planning and development purposes? If so, explain their current process, including the types of data used for analysis. If not, provide a framework for identifying gaps in the current workforce.
d. What is the current human resources strategy for your company? Is it integrated with the companys business strategy?

II. Strategies
a. What is the talent development strategy for your organization? Is it apparent to employees?
b. Does this strategy align with employee goals? Discuss.
c. Does the strategy align with organizational goals? Discuss.

III. Training
a. Identify the training and employee development needs at your company.
b. Are these needs currently integrated in a training and development program? Explain.