Identify the regulatory and accrediting bodies that would be involved with credentialing the new model of care.

Abstract (Graded through organization writing style grammar usage mechanics and formatting)
Introduction (not labeled as such in APA format; graded through organization writing style grammar usage mechanics and formatting)
Introduce topic of the paper..
Include a thesis statement that describes the purpose of the paper..
1.Design of Model of Care 30%
a.Describe the design and functionality of the model of care you are providing. Be sure to include the practice setting in which the model of care will be implemented. .
b.Describe the nature of the care (intervention wellness prevention) the characteristics of the population to be served and how this new system addresses an unmet need that currently exists in our present US healthcare delivery system. .
c.Explain approaches to be used to the delivery of healthcare that address the ethical legal cultural social and policy needs of diverse stakeholders and populations..
d.Investigate and describe the state-of-the-art technology that would be appropriate for use in this new model of care. Be sure to include how the technology can be used to:
1.Manage and transmission of healthcare information.
2.Monitor the delivery of care.
3.Improve quality outcomes.
4.Reduce healthcare related costs.
..2.Financing and Sustainability of the New Model 10%
Discuss how this new model will be
a.Initially financed.
b.How it will maintain financial sustainability. Be sure to include any payer sources private/ public financing and/or grant funding..
.3.Access and Utilization 10%
a.Discuss the accessibility (ability to obtain effective personal health services in a timely manner) and utilization (extent to which health services are used) of the new model. .
b.Include what measures you would use to evaluate how effectively this new model is accessed and utilized by the population it serves..
.4.Regulatory and Accrediting Bodies 10%
a.Identify the regulatory and accrediting bodies that would be involved with credentialing the new model of care..
b.Explain how quality and performance standards are evaluated and met..
.5.Role of Nurse and Nursing Sensitive Outcomes 20%
Analyze the role of the masters prepared nurse in this new model. Be sure to include:
a.Scope and practice considerations.
b.Reporting mechanisms.
c.Degree of autonomy.
d.How the role will impact/influence nursing sensitive outcomes or other quality measures..
.6.Integration of Evidence and Theory 10%
a.Integrate credible relevant sources to support ideas appropriate for the assignment..
b.Consistently use information in ways that are true to original context. Always distinguish between own ideas or common knowledge and ideas requiring attribution..
c.Scholarly articles integrated within the paper meet the following standards:
?Provide the required number of references (minimum of 10).
?Most nursing-specific or nursing-related.
?Provide the required number of references from a discipline outside nursing (minimum of 3)..
?Published within 5 years OR published beyond 5 years if seminal source or gap in the literature.
..7.Organization writing style grammar usage mechanics formatting and length. 10%
Follow APA Guidelines for title page abstract headings and subheadings citations and references.
The presentation and style of the paper are consistent with scholarly work and reflect use of APA format (6th ed.) Page Limit: 11-15 pages.
?Use clear structure as outlined in the assignment with all components present including brief and succinct abstract introduction and conclusion..
?Use straightforward clear concise nearly error-free language that conveys meaning to readers..
?Conform to APA formatting standards with only minor deviations..