Identify the level of importance of each component part of the plan in relation to achieving organizational strategic goals.

This module will help you to understand what it means to be a marketing orientated organization, recognizing the implications of this concept for resources; in particular financial resources. Students will learn how to develop marketing strategies that meet corporate objectives and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

2 Scenario

You may use your own employment context, or that of another organisation with which you are very familiar, to base your assignment.

3 Format

You must produce a portfolio which is appropriately presented and includes the following tasks. Tables, diagrams and headings are excluded from the wordcount.

4 Portfolio content

4.1 You must write a strategic marketing plan for an organisation or for a strategic business unit within your responsibility (or for an organisation with which you are familiar). To do this, you will need to carry out a critical evaluation of the SWOT issues facing the organisation, including a stakeholder analysis, and then write a strategic plan that addresses those issues. The plan must consider the following:

i) Recommendations for a targeting, positioning, and branding strategy that will enable the organisation/strategic business unit to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in future.
ii) A critical evaluation and recommendations for a marketing mix that will support the strategy.
iii) A critical review of the challenges facing the implementation of your plan
iii) Ethical issues which may arise as a result of your plan

Guide word count: 2,500 words

4.2 You must apply the profit impact marketing (PIMS) methodology to your marketing plan. This will involve the development of a financial forecast of the return on investment. You need to clearly evaluate all revenues and costs associated with the plan. You should also build in an assessment of the risk associated with your plan.

Guide word count: 1000 words

4.3 Identify the key external and internal areas of risk for your organization (or one with which you are familiar) in developing and delivering a marketing plan.

By referring to examples, illustrate how you would identify strategies to minimize these areas of risk in order to achieve organizational objectives.

Guide word count: 500 words

4.4 You must critically evaluate how the strategic vision and direction of your organization (or one with which you are familiar) impacts on the market planning process.

By identifying each component part of your marketing plan, discuss how effectively your marketing plan supports the organizational strategic objectives.

Identify the level of importance of each component part of the plan in relation to achieving organizational strategic goals.

Finally, critically evaluate the process that is required in order to secure approval for marketing plans within your organization.

Guide word count: 1000 words

4.5 Critically reflect on your own learning in this module, evaluating how the theories and concepts influence your role as a leader and manager and exploring the potential impact on your organisation. As a result, please identify any effects on your personal and professional development, citing actions which you now need to take and any potential barriers.