Safety, Quality, and Informatics

For this assignment, you will identify a major patient safety issue within your own organization and then develop a plan using evidence-based best practices and technology to improve the safety issue. In this component, you will be demonstrating your competency in Program Outcomes 2, 3, 4, and 6:
Program Outcome 2: Safety and Quality Practices: Incorporate concepts of patient safety, clinical management, and quality improvement to improve patient outcomes.
Program Outcome 3: Nursing Research and Informatics: Incorporate evidence-based practice interventions (such as information systems or patient care technologies) as appropriate for managing the acute and chronic care of patients promoting health across the lifespan.
Program Outcome 4: Policy, Finance, and Regulations: Understand the scope and role of policy, finance, and regulatory environments in relationship to individual and population outcomes.
Program Outcome 6: Organizational and Systems Management: Apply knowledge of organizational behavior, nursing theory, and systems (micro and macro) as appropriate for the scope and role of ones own practice.Before you begin, examine your organizations history of safety in a specific area, and how your organization addresses patient safety issues. If possible, consult with a key stakeholder in the organization (such as an administrator) to better understand specific patient safety concerns and how the organization is working to resolve the concerns.
This person should also be able to discuss some of the organizational barriers impacting the patient safety issue. Next, look at the basic concepts, principles, and practices that contribute to organizational quality improvement and patient safety.
Review the literature for best practices and how technology might be used to improve the issue.
Finally, be sure to consider the legal and ethical implications associated with the safety issue; and possible organizational barriers to change.
Be sure you address each point as completely as possible.
Describe a patient safety issue within your organization.
Compare the way your organization addresses patient safety issues with the concepts, principles, and practices that contribute to quality improvement and patient safety.
Analyze the legal and ethical consequences of not addressing the issue.
Recommend evidence-based interventions to address the patient safety issue.
Explain how technology can be used to improve the issue.
Identify possible organizational barriers to change (budget, vision, technology, or others).
Describe strategies to overcome organizational barriers to change, based on your knowledge of the organization.
Your completed assignment should be 8–10 pages in length not including title page and reference page, and include references and citations to at least 5 scholarly and professional supporting resources.
Be sure you follow APA guidelines for format and style.
Additional Requirements Include a title page and reference page.
At least 5 current scholarly or professional resources.
All references formatted according to APA guidelines.
Times New Roman font, 12 point.