Identify patient care treatment outcomes.

Identify patient care treatment outcomes.

When evaluating health care programs, it is vital to utilize evidence-based research because it is a great resource to identifying patient care treatment outcomes. Health care program evaluation is an innovative approach to managing and overcoming patient care organizational barriers. Through using evidence base practice, research opportunities provide clinicians with point-of-care strategies for healthcare organizations to empower clinicians, and showcase excellence (Black, et. Al, 2015). Management of evidence base programs provides researchers the opportunity to collect data at every level of the programs planning and development, therefore identifying the output and outcome of the research. Evidence-based practice (EBP) improves patient safety, identifies clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, while decreasing different levels of patient outcomes. (Overholt, Melnyk, Schultz,2005). Management of programs utilizing evidence base practice demonstrates that health care treatments, medications, and clinician care have a significant outcome to the management of patient care, which is the most important factor related to improving population health outcomes. Furthermore, evidence base practice is the intervention that increase awareness in clinical practice, guiding the inclusion to managing the point-of-care (Black, et. Al., 2015). Management of evidence base practice provides an innovative approach to bridging the gap between clinical practice and research. In addition to evidence base research is the catalyst that empowers clinicians to identify challenging clinical issues, that can provide knowledge, skills, and the resources needed to identify solutions through the use of research evidence-based management.


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