Identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement

Identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement

describe the impact of health care policies on nursing practice and health care work environments to determine the financial and regulatory influences on patient care

•evaluate the political advocacy process to identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement

•delineate strategies that nurses can use to engage in advocacy for health care policy to support equity, access, affordability, and social justice for consumers and in support of the nursing profession

1.Select a piece of legislation proposed either in your state or at the national level.

2.Identify your state representative at the level of the bill—this will be either your state, House of Representatives, or Senate representative, depending on the bill that you selected.

3.Conduct a literature review to identify evidence pertaining to the issue addressed in the bill. Find at least three sources.

4.Develop a letter to send to your state legislator. This letter should integrate the evidence supporting your position. The following websites offer templates, examples, and/or guidelines for letters to legislators that you may want to consider.