Identify one quality or safety issue in your setting that will be addressed by the Practicum Change Project.

Address Quality and safety issues


Please address the following:
•What data did you use to identify the quality or safety issue?
•How will the Practicum Change Project address the quality and safety issue?

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature. References:
Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses:
Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (8th ed.)
◦Chapter 6, “Managing and Improving Quality”

Identify a Change Project

The Difference between Leadership and Management Activities
According to Sullivan (2013), leadership in nursing involves the development and implementation of new yet appropriate ideas that pertain to the nursing practice with the aim to realize a positive change in the practice, whereas management in the practice involves the development of policies with which to effect a change and supervising their implementation in order to attain the desired results in the practice. Essentially, the main difference between leadership and management activities is that leadership activities are based on innovations and team development while management activities are based on administration and control of people and resources.
How the Management and Leadership Activities Contribute To the Success of Change Initiatives
It is a given that both leadership and management activities have a significant role in ensuring successful change initiatives. Primarily, leadership activities come up with specific policies and ideas through which to initiate a positive change while management activities serve to organizes and mobilize human and financial resources towards the implementation of the policies and ideas in order to realize the change itself. In the nursing practice, leadership activities work to empower medical practitioners with the necessary skills, attitudes, and desire to deliver high-quality care to patients whereas management activities work to exercise power over nursing practitioners to ensure they execute their professional responsibilities in accordance to the set professional standards (American Nurses Association, 2010).
The Change Project Needed In an Emergency Department
Sklar, Crandall, Zola & Cunningham (2010) asserted that the main concern for the emergency department of the U.S. medical system is overcrowding of patients and a shortage of on-call nursing practitioners and physicians. Based on that, it is justifiable that the emergency department need to embrace and implement operational policies that will ensure the expansion of bed capacities of emergency facilities as well as recruitment of adequate number of medical practitioners with whom to meet the demand of care in the department. Hence, the change project that is needed in the emergency department is the development of a strategy through which to gather adequate resources and used them to increase the bed capacity of emergency facilities and hire more medical practitioners to curb the prevailing challenge of a shortage of on-call physicians and nurses in order to enhance the quality of care given to and overall safety of patients.

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