Identify and describe three to five components of your program/innovation

Write a 2- to 3-page essay, “Section 2-Innovation Configurations” of your Implementation Toolkit. Address the following in your essay:
Identify and describe three to five components of your program/innovation
Provide descriptions of diminishing levels of implementation for one component of your innovation
Reflect on the benefits and challenges of the IC Map development process that you engaged in with your Learning Team
Explain the insights you gained about the relationship between high implementation of your program and student achievement
Provide and define at least three glossary terms related to Innovation Configurations
As this weeks Learning Resources emphasize, the developer of a plan for a new program or practice will often find that innovations may often look very different in practice and may take on very different forms than the intended results. An Innovation Configuration Map (IC Map) helps participants get a clear picture of the innovation or revised practice by describing ideal practices, as well as other possible less-than-ideal variations.
This week you will develop an IC Map for your professional development program. If you already have an IC Map for a program similar to your own, you may be able to adapt and modify it. You will incorporate the feedback from your Learning Team.
Icon of group around a table Meet With Your Learning Team
Note: Refer back to the Application Assignment Overview in the Week 1 area for guidelines on assembling your Learning Team.
Following the guidelines provided in this weeks Learning Resources, facilitate the IC Map development session as follows:
Provide your team with a clear rationale for creating an IC Map
Review your professional development program with the team
Brainstorm with the team possible components
Prioritize the components and select three to five of the most important for your program
Actionalize each component by describing how the ideal practice will look in action.
Discuss the effect of high levels of implementation on student achievement
Begin to brainstorm less-than-ideal practices for one or more of the components
Review and revise your work
Be sure to keep detailed notes of your session that include the priority components determined by the group, a description of the highest level of implementation for each component (and less-than-ideal variations you might see in practice), and thoughts about the relationship between high implementation and student achievement.