How will leaders/managers skills and characteristics need to fit with your skills/characteristics?

The Final Project will reflect the students understanding of the material covered throughout the course. Present the information covered in this project in one comprehensive paper (5-8 pages), with a minimum of six references, using APA format.This project will be based on an analysis of a business you create. You will be the first CEO of this business. The business will be located in the U.S.1. What product/service are you offering?a. How have you decided to structure the company – sole proprietorship, general partnership, C corporation, S corporation, or limited liability company?i. Why did you select this particular structure?1. Provide a convincing argument to support the selection of organizational form.b. Identify the economic condition of the market you will be entering. Analyze the type of competition that exists in this market.c. Develop a basic marketing strategy for your business and product(s).i. Provide a SWOT analysis for this company.d. Discuss building the other key positions within your organization.i. Define the basic organizational hierarchy.ii. Discuss the qualities needed in leaders/managers that will work for you.1. Begin with a review of your skills/characteristics as the CEO. (Even though the assumption is you will be the CEO, avoid referring to yourself as “I” to comply with standard APA format.)a. How will leaders/managers skills and characteristics need to fit with your skills/characteristics?b. What skills/characteristics are needed to complement yours?c. Examine those skills/characteristics that are missing from your profile. Will you attempt to find them in other leaders/managers for the organization? Why/why not?Ive attached a sample document of what is expected. (Anything but a photography business) Please reach out to me if theres further questions.