How were your beliefs about gender constructed?

Apply the course readings in chapter 2 and from my notes to identify and examine the social construction of your own unique gender identity. How were your beliefs about gender constructed? Include specific observations and descriptions. There is not one gendered experience, rather gender is influenced by race, social class, etc. The goal in this application is to answer the questions of how gender is constructed, and how that construction influences your world view and expectations. As you do so, you must incorporate material from the Ebook, which I will attach. Apply 3 relevant concepts from the EBook in the analysis. Be sure to define the terms, rather than just name-drop. Write a coherent essay that features your voice, not just a list of concept applications.
You can use MLA or APA Format, up to you, your choice.
Due Next Monday, the 22nd
Grading: The papers will be evaluated based on the ability to use the terms correctly (providing both an accurate definition of each term and a correct application) as well as based on good and correct writing style. (4-5 pages).