How was it validated and with which populations?

Find an existing scale used in research studies. One way to find questionnaires is to use Google Scholar and the terms “scale” and a topic of interest such as depression, anxiety, children, etc. Some examples are the CES-D, Beck, and State Trait Anxiety Inventory. These are examples; please dont use them for your discussion board. Once you find an existing scale, complete the following bullets:
Explain the purpose of the questionnaire. What information does it seek to understand?
Summarize the scale. Describe the questions or sections.
Report information about the validity and reliability of the questionnaire. How was it validated and with which populations?
Give one example of a study or research question that could use this scale to assess the population.
Use appropriate citations for any articles you use. HINT: you must cite the scale article you read.

you are to put yourself in the place of a columnist who gives adolescents about life issues. First, for your initial post, you will write a question that may appear in your column. You will write your question from the perspective of the adolescent asking for help. The question must be from content related to Chapters 8 and 9. Second, for your responses to your classmates, you will then take the role as the advice columnist and answer the question posed in the initial post of one of your classmates. Be sure to tie your response back to the content in the textbook.