How is the U. S. Army Utilizing the Human Resource Model Today?

Construct your preliminary outline for your research paper. Develop your paper using MLA formatting. You will find MLA helps on the bottom of this page–make use of them. On the final page of your outline you will place your references with tentative resources that you think you will use. You do not have to use the references you list, but it will give you a good starting place as you begin writing your paper.

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Research Paper Outline Format Help

Use this as a method for formatting your Research Paper Outline:

How is the U. S. Army Utilizing the Human Resource Model Today?
I. Introduction to the Topic
A. Definition of the Human Resource Model
B. Origin of the Human Resource Model
C. Differences Between the Traditional Model and the Human Resource Model
D. Major Indications (Indicators) of the Use of the Human Resource Model
1. Selection Process
2. Training
3. Appraisals
4. Motivation Techniques
5. Quality of Work Life
II. Indicators
A. Selection Process
B. Training
1. On the Job Training
2. Vestibule Training
3. Off Site Training
C. Appraisals
1. Critical Incident Method
2. Paired Comparisons
3. Peer Reviews.
D. Motivation Techniques
1. Maslow Theory
2. Vrooms Theory
E. Quality of Work Life
III. Conclusion
IV. Works Cited:
Stephen Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Simon and Schuester, Ny, Ny. 1988
“How the Army Compares to Private Companies,” Time Magazine, Volume XXX, Feb 10, 2008.
Daft and Marcic, Principles of Management, Fifth Edition, Thomson Southwestern, Ny, Ny, 2006
“Why the Army is a Great Employer,” Fortune Magazine, Volume XC, March 14, 1998