How is the problem important or significant for nursing practice?

Select a research article from a nursing journal that is related to your practice. (I Work in the emergency room ) Use the questions below to write a critique of your research article. Answer all questions that apply to the quantitative and/or qualitative study that you selected. Include 2-3 pages in the body, a title page and article citation (APA format) on the title page, and your reference page. Please save the research article that was critiqued in a .pdf and attach the article with the paper. Points will be deducted if the article is not submitted along with the critique.

l. Statement of the Problem:

  • Is the problem clearly and concisely stated?
  • Is the problem stated in terms, which are specific and narrow enough to study?
  • How is the problem important or significant for nursing practice?

II. Research Questions and Hypotheses:

  • Are the hypotheses stated clearly?
  • Do they contain a dependent and independent variable? If so, identify them.
  • Do the hypotheses predict a relationship between two or more variables?

III. Review of Literature:

  • Does the review have a significant amount of recent work?
  • Does the review of the literature provide supporting evidence to show the need for carrying out the research?
  • Are documentation and selection of sources appropriate?
  • Is the review well organized?
  • Does the article describe a theoretical or conceptual framework? If not, should one have been included?