How is sexuality used by characters in several of the works?

1500-2500 WordsMLA citation
Research projectStep 1: identify a topic and research it, submit a bibliography with at least three sources and notes on the importance of the sources (how youll use them, for example) by the deadline; Step 2: create a clear and concise thesis statement that can be appropriately proven in about 1500 words and submit it by the deadline; Step 3: write your paper, a minimum of 1000 words, and submit by the deadline.
Dangerous Liaisons: What does the sexual manipulation in Dangerous Liaisons say about the Enlightenment?
The Scarlet Letter: How might the themes of the American Romantic movement, Transcendentalism, influence a reading of Hawthornes masterpiece?
Death in Venice: The fear of the modern industrial world, cold machinations of capitalism, alienation from society, all have a hand in Manns masterpiece. How might they relate to the concept of sexuality?
Death in Venice: How might Freuds concept of the uncanny (unheimlich) be used to interpret Thomas Manns novella?
Broader topics Looking at two of the works weve read in class, describe the nature of femininity and masculinity. How is sexuality used by characters in several of the works? Does this give positive or negative connotations?