How is integrity linked with discretion?&nbsp

Research and Identify Sir Robert Peel’s principles of policing established in the 19th century. Review the principles and discuss how they apply to modern policing. What has changed? What is the same?
One of my roles as a Public Safety Commissioner is to oversee the hiring and promotion of police officers. There are many people who apply for the position of a police officer, but not all are quality candidates. One key area that we concern ourselves with is integrity and the character of a person who may be applying for a job with our city. Please respond to the following:
1. Discuss how we can measure someone’s character and integrity.
2. What types of questions would you ask an applicant who is seeking a job with your own community as a police officer?
2. How is integrity linked with discretion?
Part 3)
Please read the following article and discuss what you would do if you were the police chief:
Part 4 )
Project 1: Annotated Bibliography
For your final project in this course you will be asked to trace a crime or criminal incident through the adult criminal justice system, from initial arrest to eventual return to the community following incarceration.  In the course of that project you will encounter numerous decision points or stages in the system.  These would be ideal points in your final project paper to expound on your familiarity with these critical topics/stages and support that information with a cited outside source.  Project 1will assist you prepare for your final project by introducing you to topic research.  You may then use the results of this project to support your final project paper.
Project 1 Assignment:
Using one of the possible topics listed below, you will prepare an annotated bibliography.
What is an Annotated Bibliography?
             A bibliography is a list of books, articles, and documents.  (CCJS  bibliographies must be written in the American Psychological Association (APA) format
             The annotation is a brief (usually about 150 words) paragraph that provided some descriptive and evaluative information about each book, article, etc.
1.      Your Annotated Bibliography must contain four (4) outside (not instructional material for this course) sources, at least