How have environmental limitations impacted your industry society and global markets?

The sustainable business scenario will be based on research into the geo-political, socioeconomic,
legal and environmental factors affecting a nation; an industry; and your chosen business
and provide a response and adapt to the major challenges you will have identified in terms of
environmental risks and socio-political issues that pose a direct risk to the company and its
community. You should aim to research and demonstrate:
? How industry standards and country/government laws and regulations will affect business
decisions in terms of sustainability at a global and local level.
? How environmental factors such as: fresh water shortage, waste, land-use, climate change,
pollution and bio-diversity loss will impact a selected business/ industry the most alongside
economic and/or demographic factors.
? How scenario planning can help formulate a strategy for sustainable innovation that will provide
value creation and competitive advantage.
? Optionally, referencing how business leaders and global corporations use emerging and future
trends to inform future visions and plans (see reports from the EU, UN and various organisations
such as Unilever, Volkswagen or Shells plans for 2050).
You will demonstrate that you can apply the appropriate knowledge (concepts, methods and tools
introduced and explored in the lectures and seminars) through research and analytical evaluation.
STM5A1 – Sustainability in Global Business
Assessment brief and guidelines
STM5A1 – RBS – AL/RD – Autumn 2015
You are expected to use relevant and credible sources based both on key readings on the module as
well as from your individual research.
Written report (2000 words +- 10%), Word processed, using 11pt with 1.5 line spacing.
This project report is a summative assessment and weights 100% of the final grade for this module.
The assessment will be moderated. No negotiation of marks will be possible once the final mark is
given to you with feedback.
The final mark will be assessed using the criteria below.
Demonstrates analytical evaluation and systemic understanding
Relevancy and quality of the scenario plan
Correct use and application of sustainability concepts and tools to sustain
the analysis and recommendations
Structure, coherence and clarity of the text
Research skills and correct use of referencing and bibliography
Presentation and argumentation skills
Guidelines for content and structure (Indicative)
This project will be assessed on the way the document is structured and written. Make sure you check
spelling and grammar. It is highly recommended to include illustrations such as images, drawings,
tables, graphs if appropriate but make sure you acknowledge the sources correctly, authors/ copyright
in captions under the image. To construct a coherent structure for your report you should consider the
Title page: the title, sub-title if any, date, student name and module.
A summary: a short (one paragraph) overview of what the report contains including conclusion and
recommendations. (write this at the end)
Contents page: including the headings for the sections
Introduction: introduce the aims and objectives of the report and then provide the context with the
necessary background information in a concise manner.
Main section: Introduce the scenario set in 2060 that describes a sustainable business that operates
within a resource-constrained economy of that time yet that offers a solution that is plausible and
‘innovative to the difficult environmental and social challenges. Justify the scenario: What has
happened? What has changed? How have environmental limitations impacted your industry, society
and global markets? How will governments respond? How can the industry respond? How do the
specifics of your home country interact with the limitations and impacts? Why did you prioritise the
impacts as you have? Describe the strategy for your businesss sustainable innovation: Why did you
approach the business development strategy as you did? What are the opportunities? Why might the
business model need to change? Why do you consider your chosen approach to be the best one for
your business?
? Stick to what is relevant and be concise, write in a clear, brief and direct style
? Make sure you make logical sections with clear headings
STM5A1 – Sustainability in Global Business
Assessment brief and guidelines
STM5A1 – RBS – AL/RD – Autumn 2015
? Any extra background information should go in the appendices.