How does this store/establishment get its used tires?

Go to each store and interview the manager or a person in charge of disposing of tires. Use the following questions as a guideline to obtain information about the fate of used tires:
(a) How does this store/establishment get its used tires?

(b) Are there any laws governing disposal of used tires?

(c) Are there any costs related to disposal of used tires?

(d) How is this cost passed on to the customer?

(e) How many tires are gathered each day?

(f) What is done with the used tires?

(g) Does the store have to dispose of the tires itself, or is there an entity that comes by and picks them up?

(h) If it were up to the employee, what would be done with used tires?

(3) If you have time, interview any customers who are in the store. Ask them the following questions:
(a) Does he or she know what is done with the used tires?

(b) Is the customer agreeable to paying disposal costs for used tires?

(c) Would the customer be willing to pay more money if the tire could be recycled?

(d) Can the customer think of any other uses for a used tire?

(1) What were the major methods of disposal of used tires?

(2) Did all stores do the same thing with their used tires? Did the type of store influence the way tires were disposed of?

(3) Were the store employees in favor of recycling used tires? Did they complain of excessive regulations? Did they complain about excessive costs of disposal?

(4) What do you think is currently the best method of tire disposal? Why?

I do expect a lengthy report on this assignment, a minimum of three pages. Report should include the activity and the questions.