How does the relationship amongst the readings help justify your initial claim?

This Assignment is based on the reading each week that provided by tutor on QUT Blackboard which need to log in my QUT Account. My user name is n9497561, password: giBianmiege11. The readings are on QUT Blackboard KXB102 Global Entertainment — Learning Resources — Week3 to Week 9. We should read these reading, and choose three from them as examples to support the main issue or thesis statement of the report. And in each paragraph should include these three topic. Here are some tips that are provide by my tutor: Identity one issue/theme tat appears across 3 separate case studies. -Why is that issue important to the entertainment industry and its practitioners? -What does it tell you about a practitioner in the global entertainment industry? Write a thesis statement demonstrating the significance of the issue and your position on it which related to Entertainment Industries -Included reading (research) in the thesis -Integrate all three reading in paragraph List the main points that support your thesis statement Break your issue down into multiple aspects What is the supporting evidence for your thesis? Write an introduction that States the purpose of the document Provides context for the topic Outlines main points or areas of focus, and the order they?ll be discussed in Concludes with your thesis statement

You have been documenting your initial reflections on unit material throughout the semester as part of your workbook assessment. In doing so, you have engaged with a number of disciplinary leaders who are trying to make sense of the economic and cultural dimensions of global entertainment. Now, you have an opportunity to explore those concerns in a more thorough and systematic fashion by drafting a critical report that analyzes an issue of significance to the global entertainment industries.
What is an analysis? We will explore this question in tutorials but, in short, an analysis supports or defends an original claim about a very specific topic. It often breaks down that topic into smaller components to identify meaningful relationships amongst different ideas or perspectives, and then uses that material to justify a position or point of view.
For this assessment, then, you need to start with an issue or concern prompted by our readings and discussions. You must look beyond the topic of a single essay or lecture and consider the broader questions at stake in global entertainment. What issue or concern seems particularly urgent to you? You then need to support or defend a statement about that topic by drawing upon three assigned readings from class. The readings should ?speak to? each other in productive ways and help break down your topic into meaningful components. How does the relationship amongst the readings help justify your initial claim?
Remember, writing an analysis means you must formulate a response that is specific, coherent, and original. This is not a book report; it must do more than summarize what other people say about a topic. Instead, an analysis infers connections across ideas to support and defend a position that requires reasoning and evidence. It entails an appropriately structured introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs. You can expect additional writing tips during lecture and tutorials.
You are highly encouraged to use weekly reading questions for inspiration and draw from relevant workbook entries for draft material. You do not have to do any outside research for this assessment but must correctly reference all unit readings.
An excellent critical report will ? identify a key question or pressing concern with relevance to the unit, ? trace meaningful connections across disparate ideas and material, and ? articulate a specific claim based on sound reasoning and evidence.

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Submission Checklist You will submit this assessment as a .PDF file via Turnitin with the following file name protocol:
KXB102_A2_Report_ tutor surname
Did you: ___ use the file name protocol? ___ save the file as a .PDF document? ___ give the assessment a creative title? ___ include your and student numbers? ___ include a bibliography written in APA style? ___ use Times New Roman or Cambria Font Size 12? ___ double space? ___ copy edit for spelling, grammar, and clarity?
Further assistance
For more information on how to write a critical report, please see the Library?s Cite | Write page.
For help with submitting assessments through Turnitin, please see the Student Tip Sheet from eLearning Services.
You can find additional resources on our Blackboard site (Blackboard > KXB102 > Assessment > Helpful Resources).