How does technology effect society?

.In the introduction how has the writter tried to show that the problem is interesting,significantand problematic?How could the writer engage you more fully with the initial problem?
2.How does the writer provide cues that his or her purposeis to explore aquestionrather than argue a thesis?How might the openingsection of the draftbe impresed?
Marcela Gallego.
How does technology effect society?
Evolution occurseveryday, and technology develops and evolves in a blink of an eye for many of us. Which can conclude to the effect technology has in society, not only affecting our work place, school work or the education for many young kids and young adults. Technology is very bias for some can be very addicting and for others can be very helpful and educative. In the positive way technology impacts our lives is by creating an easier way of living such as; locations, education, communication to name a few. The negative outcome of technology would be the slack of social skills as well of the dependence individuals can create based on the technology or tools used. Now days we can find internet or simply tools of technological entertainment every where, new smartphones are being brought to the market with rapid development but not only the smarphones that can be control from the palm of our hands. But now tablets as well this are items that can be brought every where we go and make part of everyday lives, when we develop a good attitude or negative based on the dependence we create with the items.

How does technology affect education?