How does it differ from other types of inequality?

Include whether you feel the author makes a valid claim or if you disagree, and why.
Locate, cite and quote a separate, peer-reviewed article (please see the definition/information for “peer-reviewed” at the University Library) that supports your position.
Address the following:
• What inequality does the author discuss? How does it differ from other types of inequality?
• Does this particular type of inequality affect African American political and economic power? Why or why not?
• Does this particular inequality affect whether African Americans receive the same treatment in the legal system? Why or why not?
• Do you feel the inequality is experienced equally by African Americans of different classes, or specifically by those of higher or lower economic status? Explain why.
• Do you feel African Americans who assimilate to the dominant culture face the same inequalities as those who resist assimilation?
Format your paper consistent with APA standards.
Include your electronically signed Certificate of Originality