How does it apply to how some Americans viewed wealth and prosperity in the country?

Think about the Reconstruction. Historians often times do not agree on whether the Reconstruction was a success or a failure. Arguably there were positive and negative effects. What do you feel were 2 successful results of the Reconstruction? Also, what do you feel were 2 failures of the Reconstruction?
36.) What is Social Darwinism? How does it apply to how some Americans viewed wealth and prosperity in the country?
37.) The Transcontinental Railroad was a massive building project for our country. Why did the Federal government support the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad? What effects did this railroad have on people living in the area while it was being built AND after it was finished?
38.) What was the goal of U.S. foreign policy with China? Why do you think Hay did not favor establishing colonies in China?
39.) World War I impacted the world in many ways. Thinking about the United States specifically, how did WWI affect our country in the following three ways: politically, economically, and socially? Make sure to address all three ways.
40.) Think back to the 1920s in the United States. This was a time of excitement, but also tough times for many Americans. What was life like specifically for people living in rural and urban areas of the country? How were the lifestyles and experiences of people living in these areas culturally different? How did these differences cause these two groups to argue and clash at times?
The late 1800s was an important time period in our country. Immigrants were flowing in from all parts of the world. What did these immigrants experience when they first arrived? What were their lives like at home, in their neighborhoods, and at work? How did these immigrants help the nation’s growth during this period?