How does his view differ from that of Descartes?

Please explain the claim that, for humans, existence precedes essence in Sartres “Existentialism is a Humanism.”

#2 How does Sartres view lend itself to atheism and how does Sartre respond to theist critics?

# 3What is “bad faith” according to Sartre?

#4 What is “the look” according to Sartre? How does his view differ from that of Descartes?

# 5 What is phenomenology and how does this method differ from that employed by other thinkers we have examined?

#6 Recall the clip from “Fight Club” in the section on existentialism. What existentialist themes did you see in the clip? Why would this be considered an “existential moment”?

# 7In Heideggers Being and Time:

a) What is the “they”?

b) What is Dasein? How is it characterized?

c) What is Daseins ownmost possibility? How does it structure Dasein?

d) What are the implications of this perspective for our evolving thinking of the self?

#8 In “A Preparatory Analysis of Dasein,” Heidegger considers two inherited views from the Greek and Christian traditions. What are these views and how does Heideggers view differ?

#9What is disclosed through moods? What characterizes the mood of anxiety and how is it distinguished from the feeling of fear?

These assignments are to present brief summaries of the weeks readings and allow you to express your questions, critiques, and issues with the readings. There is no formal length requirement for these assignments and the purpose is to ensure that you stay on track with the readings, understand the material, and promote retention for the exams. Please post your summary and review those of other participants.