How do you think that the personality of Dyson influences the daily run of the organisation?

Watch the following video and answer the questions below:
Youtube: Full Video – James Dyson discuss innovation, bringing new products to market and more
1. How do you think that the personality of Dyson influences the daily run of the organisation? Justify your answer with examples from the video )
2. Based on the management styles covered in class (Session 4), how would you describe his management style? Justify your answer
3. Describe the different organisational structures (session 4) and explain, in your opinion, what organisational structure would suit best Dyson. Justify your answer
4. Based on the video, what do you think it would be the emphasis of the company’s projects (cost/quality/time)? Why?
5. What kind of people do you think they are looking for in this company? Why?
An automotive parts manufacturer is planning to market a new product in UK. The finished assembly consists of a number of parts that some are designed and manufactured by the company and some are imported to UK. Your task as a new graduate employee is to:

1. Briefly describe what market research is and explain how it helps to have a better understanding of the company.

2. Use the following forecasted data for the first year to produce a forecasted 3 year business plan identifying the breakeven point and the projected profit if sales for the following 2 years are forecasted to be 750 and 1200 units. (10 marks)
Assembling 500 units
Selling price £20
Direct Material £3000
Direct Labour £4500
Variable Overheads £2000
Fixed Costs £8000

3. Considering the design and manufacturing aspect of the product; compare and contrast CAD applications such as CATIA and Solidworks; prototyping and solid modelling. You are also to describe, jobbing, continuous flow manufacturing. Describe quality costs, prevention, appraisal and failure (10 marks)

4. Some parts are supplied by overseas companies. Explain the term supply chain management, make or buy; bulk stock and just in time.

5. In today’s competitive market ethical and sustainability issues play a major role that could affect the company’s future business. Describe the ethical issues that need to be considered including the CSR obligations. Define sustainability and suggest how the company could integrate it at design stage.