How do you frame the picture to construct meaning about your image?

For your initial post (3%): Select a Selfie that you have posted before on a social media site. If you have never taken and posted a Selfie, you are asked to do so now*. Postyour Selfie with your forum post, and answer the following questions:

How does your Selfie perform (reflect, show, demonstrate) your socio-demographics? Expressions of your culture & background – Race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexuality/gender, ability etc?

What choices did you make to present yourself and what does this say about you? Clothing, pose, facial expression, location.

How do you frame the picture to construct meaning about your image? Background, lighting, proximity, angle of the camera.

You must follow the parameters of what constitutes a “Selfie”: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media” (dictionary meaning). This means that your photo/Selfie artifact:

-will not be a video

-will not be a photo of someone taking a Selfie of themselves (or a group of people)

-will not be a photo that is a portrait of someone (in which someone else is taking the photo)

*If you do not have a Selfie and are taking a new one, and really do not want to show your face – you can angle your camera to (for example) show the top of your head, an eye, a hand or foot, a shadow of yourself etc… be creative. These photos are not public and are not shared outside your forum group of 20 or so students.

1 mark for the photo and 2 marks for answering the questions.

In your response (2%) to another student, provide some thoughtful commentary about their Forum Post and Selfie reflection. Provide some comparisons and contrasts between you, with some thoughts about why that might be.

FPM4 Final Due Date: Fri, June 8th at 11:45PM.

There is my classmate message that u need to reply it.

My Selfie was taken at Killbear Provincial Park with my GoPro Hero+. In terms of how my image represents my socio-demographics, it is clearly expressed in my image that I am French-Canadian and Caucasian. It is also shown that I am in fact a female and the other two people in the image are also female and are teenagers and young adults.

I believe my Selfie shows that I am someone who enjoys being outside. My looking at my many social media platforms, almost all pictures were taken outside and doing activities, or outdoor landscapes. My Selfie also emphasizes that family is important, as the two other people in my photograph is my younger sister and my cousin who is the same age as me. In the photo I am wearing a Brock University red long sleeve, emphasizing that I am a Brock student. My cousin and I are both smiling, as we are happy to be back at Killbear Park, it is one of the few times a year we see each other because of the distance between our families. My sister on the other hand is sticking her tongue out as she typically does this is pictures, and is considered to be funny one.

In terms of the meaning o my image, the background was specifically chosen because me being in the front of the canoe, allowed me to capture the rest of the boat as well as the beautiful landscape with the rocks where we typically swim off of. I chose to take this Selfie at this time because the camera I selected to use takes photos with natural light, as there is no flash option. The great thing about a GoPro is the wide angled lens because it is able to capture so much in one image, we were able to capture three people and a breathtaking landscape. Lastly, the angle of the camera was able to also help capture a lot, and because it was not taken on a traditional phone or camera, I was able to have everyone in the image as well as the canoe and natural landscape of the rocks and skyline.

To conclude, my Selfie shows my socio-demographics, how I like to present myself and why it is meaningful to the people in the selfie and others. I hope that those who read my post use this Selfie to get a sense for who I am as a person and how I like to exhibit myself on a variety of social media platforms.

Forum Participation

Each of the six Modules for this course has a Forum Participation for the students to engage in. The Forum Participation are valued at 5% each, in which the student has two tasks to complete: Task One is to respond to the question or statement provided by the Instructor = 3%; Task Two is to respond thoughtfully to another student in your forum group = 2%. The online discussion forums are collaborative spaces of learning. These are spaces where ideas and experiences are shared and in confidence. When we enter into dialogue with one another and in these spaces, we do so with sensitivity and mutual respect. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.

The Forum Participation for each Module will be posted to Sakai on the first day of the Module, which is always a Monday. To earn 5% each module you are required to complete two tasks:

1. Respond to the module question or statement in 500 words minimum. Responses that fall short of the required word length will not receive full marks (3%).

Please see the “Forums” tab in Sakai to access the forums. After clicking on this tab, you should be able to see the monthly forum participation topic for your assigned group

To respond to the Instructors statement or question click “START A NEW CONVERSATION”.

To respond to another students commentary click “Reply” under their post.

As long as youre following the above guidelines, then youre earning the marks without question. The parameters around the discussion forums are non-negotiable.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you participate in the monthly discussion forums and in accordance to the guidelines (i.e. minimum word length, responding to the question or statement posed by the Instructor, and responding to a group member).

Familiarize yourself with the discussion forum schedule.

Once a forum closes, the opportunity to participate is lost. No exceptions will be made.

Do not attempt to email responses to the forum questions to the instructor or to a TA: any attempts to do so will receive a grade of zero.

It is advised that you keep copies of your forum postings in a word document, should anything go awry with Sakai