How do Kelly and Joe transform their face-to-face relationship from negative to positive?

Choose only one of these movies listed below. Your review must have and include cover page, no more than one page synopsis summary of the film, 4-6 pages analysis of movie your view and issue related to gender interaction (4-6 pages) and one page maximum conclusion and one page reference page – total of 9-10 pages. You also need to answer specific questions for each movie (see below). Please consult chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the gender theories for any of the movies you choose. These four chapters help you to understand the theories in the movies. Although you might consult with out sources and have a reference page but your work must be original. I value your thought and interpretation only. Identify theories used in the film and discuss the theories in your analysis. After you finish your work, save and submit your movie paper via a link in module /week three assignment link. Finally, plan to locate, rent one of these movie. Your instructor is not responsible to locate or find any of these movies.

Demonstrates excellent ability to understand, analyze, and apply critical and technical language associated with movie. Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the assignment and gender. It has an engaging introductory sentence, context, raises excellent questions and has a strong thesis.

Demonstrates excellent critical thinking and analytical skills appropriate to the discipline of gender studies. Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the assignment. All questions are answered fully with in depth analysis and interpretation. The answers are accurate and the writing is articulate and sophisticated. The facts are vivid, explicit, effective and multiple. There are no grammatical mistakes and overall the paper is well written.
Youve got Mail
Director: Nora Ephron
Rated PG
Joe Fox and Kelly are thirty-something New Yorkers who detest each other — or at least they think they do. Face-to-face, Kelly despises Fox because his discount bookstore chain threatens to bankrupt Kellys family-owned bookshop. She also hates Foxs arrogant, self-absorbed style of communicating.
Describe the communication between Kelly and Joe Fox in their face-to-face communication. What factors are involved in creating this climate? Describe the communication climate between Kelly and Joe in their online, computer-mediated communication (CMC). What factors are involved in creating this climate? How do Kelly and Joe transform their face-to-face relationship from negative to positive? What theories are demonstrated in this movie? Describe CMC theory used in the movie. Refer to your coms 1010, or 2060 theories and familiarize yourself with CMC theory, relationship theories and friendship theories.