How did they change the nation?

This assignment is to research a historical American icon (Elvis Presley) and write a 3 page informative paper describing what made this individual an American icon. I.e. What made them who they are? Why did they choose/act the way they did? What obstacles did they face? How did they change the nation? You will need to find evidence to prove your opinion on the subject. With your essay, you will include a thesis statement  that makes an overall statement including the main reasons that will be discussed in your paper. You must also have CECs to supposed your main idea and have your works cited pale listing the reliable sources that you used.
This essay needs to thoroughly explain and explore the person, explain the impact they had on America, and prove you position on the topic.
Through analysis and documentation, you will prove thesis statement by fulfilling the requirements for each body paragraph.
You WILL NOT write a biography detailing the persons life from birth to possibly death. This is NOT one of those papers.
Other requirements: You must include at least 4 citations, at least three must be direct quotations and all others may be paraphrases or facts.