How did the experiences of people on various war fronts differ?

How did the experiences of people on various war fronts differ?
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Sample introduction 1
World War One was fought across various fronts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The experiences of different people on these fronts varied. Often they faced challenges with the terrain and the environment with some soldiers battling in extreme heat and others in muddy, wet trenches. The tactics and type of warfare used by different armies also varied and as such they had a different experience with some fighting on land, some at sea and others in the air. Finally, life within the trenches can also be contrasted for many soldiers depending on where they were located with hygiene, health and access to medical support.
Sample introduction 2
It is clear that during World War One many people had a variety of different experiences depending on their location and their role in the war. The Chinese labourers worked mostly on the Western Front, assisting with building trenches and several other roles. In Gallipoli, Australian and New Zealand soldiers faced difficult conditions as they arrived on the Peninsula and had to climb up steep cliff faces. Finally, Indian Army officers were engaged in battle against the German Empire in Africa. Each of these groups had a different experience of war.