How did the concept of Manifest Destiny evolve over time?

Write a paper of at least 1500 words in length in which you present a compelling argument shedding in response to one of the topic questions below. Such argument will offer a critical analysis of the ten, light on a subject that demands greater explanation while showing an understanding of the work’s complexities. Focus your paper strictly on the prima sources (historical documents) in this text—do not consult or cite external sources or quote dictionaries. Also do not quote Greenberg’s providing context, but it is not a primary source. You may use any notes you have from classlectures introduction: it is a secondary source (a factual historical overview) that you may paraphrase flor and discussions to bolster your reasoning. Topics: 1• How were depictions of God and claims of God’s desires (this may include, if you wish, Native American conceptions of a Great Spirit) used by people of the Manifest Destiny period (1620-1898)? There are many different claims made about what God wanted, intended, demanded and supported. Write a paper in which you assess the good or ill or some combinatio ultimate purposes of such invocations, whether for n. 2. What were the most important motivations behind Manifest Destiny? Across three centuries, a great many people pursued Manifest Destiny and expressed a wide variety of reasons for doing so. Separate out the propaganda from the authentic and write a paper that argues what the most important motivators were for Americans involved with Manifest Destiny. 3. What were the most meaningful reasons why people from the past opposed Manifest Destiny? There are a number of documents from both American opponents of Manifest Destiny and foreigners who were on the wrong end of expansion. Write a paper in which you identify the major reasons that people opposed Manifest Destiny, and evaluate whether those reasons were legitimate and possible.

4. How did the concept of Manifest Destiny evolve over time? The motivations and arguments for continued expansion were considerably different by the late 19th century. Write a paper defining these changes and arguing for why the changes occurred.

Evaluation: Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria: Argumentation 75 pts. Writing Style 60 pts. Following Directions 7.5 pts. Spelling and Grammar 7.5 pts. TOTAL 150 pts.

Submission: Your paper must be submitted electronically to eLearning no later than five minutes before class on the due date listed above. Any papers submitted late are subject to a 50% penalty that cannot be made up. Additionally, you are requested to bring a hard copy to class so that your professor does not have to print your paper.