How did contemporary people think about your topic?

Now it is time to use all the research and writing skills you’ve developed and create a Presentation that will be shared in the discussions for classmates to view on your topic.
Answer in your presentation the following questions:
What is the topic of your paper and what is the time period? What else was going on in World History at that time?
Why was your topic important? What were the consequences of your topic?
How did contemporary people think about your topic?
What are the significant events relating to your topic? Include a timeline
What are the most important sources we have on your topic?
How do people today think about your topic?
Include images that you cite.
Remember to be very descriptive.
The Presentation may use any tool you would like including but not limited to U-tube, Power Point, and Prezi. The presentation should have visual elements, be well organized, and answer the basic questions provided in number 1. Citation is required to be submitted with the assignment.
Submit your completed assignment to the Discussions by the scheduled due date for your classmates to view and provide feedback on. Be sure to leave feedback for two of your classmates as well. This is not an optional discussion.