How could the improvement of this persons job impact the customer experience?

As a human resources manager, job design is an important piece of your overall strategy to retain employees and promote employee satisfaction. In your Discussion Board post, address the following:
• Utilizing the theories of job design, such as job enlargement, job rotation, and job reengineering, please provide how you would improve an existing job of customer service professional at a leading credit card company.
• How would you improve this person’s job through rewards or incentives?
• Make sure to include the Job Characteristics Model and Scientific Management in your response.
• How could the improvement of this person’s job impact the customer experience?
• You will need to use external references to support your answers—please cite references using APA style

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Some organizations may have detailed strategies for measuring product quality and customer satisfaction but do not put the same emphasis on employee performance expectations.
• Discuss the possible consequences for an organization that does not use sound performance expectations as part of its organizational behavior strategy.
o How could this affect the hiring and recruiting outcomes?
o How could this affect evaluation, compensation, and promotion outcomes?
o What possible financial consequences could the organization experience?