Give at least 3 potential impacts in nursing

Give at least 3 potential impacts in nursing

Order Description

1. Clearly describe the ethical issue including definition(s), brief history and all subtypes/ sub-issues on the issue. Gives 4 or more examples.

2. Explain why this is an ethical issue in nursing and health care. Gives at least 3 potential impacts in nursing

3. Describe the viewpoints (3 pro and 3 con) this ethical issue Include the position(s) of 3 or more professional nursing organization(s) regarding this issue.

4. Choose one of the pros or cons previously discussed; explain your PERSONAL position. Include, in your discussion, FOUR professional values as expressed in THE ANA CODES OF ETHICS AND OTHER NURSING PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTS . Be certain to include documentation

5. CLEARY DISCUSS 5 OR MORE STRATEGIES that nurses collectively, could further enhance ethical nursing practice on a daily basis. (Take this opportunity to be creative and identify what you might do to facilitate ethical nursing practice )