Gamma radiation is a form of what kind of radiation?

Question 1 1. Which of the following is NOT a common route of radon entering a home? Answer Water supply Foundation cracks in basement floor Crack in shingles on roof Open sump pump Question 2 1. Which of the following statements is FALSE? Answer Alpha radiation is very energetic and easily absorbed by the epidermis. External and internal exposure to gamma and X-radiation causes more severe biological damage than exposure to either alpha or beta radiation. Little Man and Fat Boy were the names of the nuclear bombs detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Spontaneous fission is a mode of decay for the very heaviest radioisotopes. Question 3 1. Gamma radiation is a form of what kind of radiation? Answer Electromagnetic Fission Fusion Breeder Question 4 1. If a victim exhibits nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness hair loss and possible death, they most likely have received what level of dose from radiation exposure? Answer Over 600 rems 25-50 rems 125 rems 200-300 rems Question 5 1. The worst incident of release of radioactive materials from a nuclear power plant came from what location? Answer Three Mile Island nuclear plant, southeast Pennsylvania Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Russia Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant, Japan Diablo Canyon, California Question 6 1. The hands and forearms along with the feet and ankles can receive a higher permissible dose of radiation in rems per year than the lens of the eye or the sexual organs. What is the permissible dose level for the hands or feet? Answer 7.5 rems/yr 1.25 rems/yr 18.75 rems/yr 25 rems/yr Question 7 1. Which of the following is NOT to be included on DOT shipping papers for a nonfissile radioactive material? Answer RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-II or RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-III label Activity of the radioisotope Specific name of the radioisotope Cost of the radioisotope Question 8 1. I = Io ÷ r2 explains what concept of exposure? Answer Doubling the distance between an individual and the source of radiation reduces the radiation exposure to one-fourth the original value. Doubling the distance between an individual and the source of radiation reduces the radiation exposure to one-half the original value. Double the distance, double the dose. The initial dose is one half the resultant dose at double the distance. Question 9 1. The nuclei of all atoms of the same element possess the same number of protons, but they may differ by the number of neutrons they have. What is the name for these different nuclei of the same element? Answer Alpha particles Isotopes Sieverts Fissile materials Question 10 1. Which of the following statements regarding radioactive materials is FALSE? Answer Yucca Mountain, NV is the site selected by the DOE as a permanent repository for spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste. Deuteriums nucleus is composed of one proton and one neutron. An arbitrary number of nuclei are reduced to half its number as radioactive materials undergo transformation. The transformation of radioisotopes is associated with the emission of three types of radiation – alpha, beta, and fission – from the nucleus. Question 11 Consider a van parked in a lot outside a professional football stadium in Atlanta, GA on a Sunday afternoon. One ounce of radioactive isotope Cesium 137 was mixed in with the explosive that has been detonated and has caused considerable blast damage. The dust cloud carries toward the nearby downtown area on a light wind speed of 10 mph. (Hint: website for helpful in answering this question). a. How could the bomb have been detonated? b. A professional emergency responder should be concerned about the following routes of radiation exposure for a person on scene and a person downtown? c. What actions should an exposed person take during the immediate aftermath of the explosion? d. Lastly, if radioactive material is involved in a disaster incident such as this and there is a fire ongoing in the area where the container is located (possibly the container itself), name five actions that should be taken to handle the situation. MUST BE 200 TO 300 WORD ESSY.