For instance is there any relationship between these factors and prenatal care family history or vaccinations?

Review all 5 study article worksheets I have selected for my final project. 2) The attached Research Gap worksheet will help you complete the Module Four Worksheet. 3) You will Answer Two Research Gap Questions using said 5 Study articles. 4) The Research Gap Worksheet you will use is filled out with example answers for reference purposes only. Each questions should have 5 sentences minimum. Rubrics attached!
PSY 257 Research Gap Worksheet
This worksheet is filled out to provide an example for you to follow.
Note: Use this sheet as a template by deleting the highlighted portions and replacing them with your own content.
1 Question – Gap Identification
Based upon your review of the articles in your chosen track, identify a gap in the social psychology research presented in the course that is unexplored or underdeveloped. For example, is there an unexplored aspect of social psychology you believe could be further explored? When reviewing a resource, one good way of identifying a research gap is to look at the authors own conclusions and any suggestions for future research, which may point readers to areas of the study that require further research.
Example Answer
Many studies have explored aspects of mental health, cognitive delays, and environmental factors that can impact social cognition (social thinking) in individuals. They have often looked at the impact of these factors in regards to social thinking, but they have not always sufficiently explored the cause of these factors. For instance, is there any relationship between these factors and prenatal care, family history, or vaccinations?
2nd Question – Research Question
Develop a basic research question addressing the identified gap. In other words, create a question that you could answer in research further investigating your identified gap. Remember: an effective research question should be clear and should focus your research. Ideally, it should also be something that you are interested in or care about.
Example Answer
Are children who are born into a family with a history of mental illness more likely to develop some sort of mental health problems that could impact their social cognition (social thinking)?