Explain your selection of the technology and calculate the costs and projected profits.

The objective of the project is to recommend an upgraded wireless technology for a major telecommunication carrier. This is an individual project.

The course project will involve producing a professional and well-citedresearch report that will be due in Week 7. The report should propel management and investors to deploy services and compete against other wireless carriers.

Scenario: You are an independent consultant. You have been hired to prepare a recommendation to management on when, if at all, they should begin to deploy 4G next generation services.

The course project shall consist of a single solution: CDMA, GSM, GPRS, CDMA2000, or UMTS mobile wireless project (you decide which is the correct technology). PCS spectrum has been won in a fictional nations lottery, with the promise of a very quick deployment and cost-effective service by you and another competitor. The nation is a protectorate of the United States, using similar laws, language, and technology; there are no political barriers or rules that should be of concern to your company. There is a single existing 800 MHz TDMA cellular competitor with service in all 16 cities, but there is coverage-blocking issues coupled with very high charges and no wireless data services whatsoever! The nation has awarded two sets of licenses to you and another company to roll out a deployment that offers cost-effective service to their citizens.

Explain your selection of the technology, and calculate the costs and projected profits. Explain each area in the report; remember to address equipment selection for the system, customer devices, and any other ancillary equipment you feel are needed.

Remember that you are competing with another service provider that has won the same amount of PCS spectrum as you in the market – you must be very competitive in performance, costs, and service deployment, while not bankrupting your company!

Content and format of the report are both important. Any drawings are expected to provide enough detail to execute the deployment after reading the report. As you assemble your periodic deliverables into a cohesive document, make sure its suitable for reading by a board of directors, investors, or the CEO.

Your paper should rely heavily on the World Wide Web for its solutions. That is, you should be able to go to the WWW and find out what vendor solutions are available. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source (see Webliography for details). Your paper must include at least 10 references. It is imperative to use proper reference citations – review the Syllabus with reference tutorials.

Remember, the focus of this report is wireless technology involving an entire nationwide deployment of a PCS system. This is not a marketing or sales report, and issues should not overshadow the wireless technology emphasis.

You will be estimating the project cost and demonstrate your ability from a financial angle. In addition, you will discuss business-related issues including backward compatibility, system operation, and upgrading the wirele