Explain the strengths of your plan and why it is likely it would be successful.

Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Five, you will submit a draft of the Plan section of your presentation. In this section, you will create the visual facet
of your final project presentation. Keep in mind that in Module Six you will be submitting the Milestone Four, which is the oral narration component, and your
voice will be the primary carrier of your message and the visuals will play a supporting role. You want your voice and visuals to work together and not compete
for attention, so you should minimize the number of words on each slide and maximize the use of visual elements, including photographs, illustrations, and
graphs. You will submit this milestone as two documents: a presentation draft in PowerPoint that will include visuals and a word document with your speaker
notes. Milestone Three provides you with an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from your instructor that you can incorporate into your final project
Prompt: In this milestone, you will start assembling your multimedia presentation. Create a multimedia presentation draft using visuals* to articulate your plan
to address the issue you described in Milestone Two. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
III. Plan: For this part of the assessment, you will offer recommendations and a plan to improve your chosen issue as well as strategies for implementing
your plan.
A. Explain the goals of your plan. What are the specific goals you are trying to accomplish with your plan?
B. Make recommendations for how the current issue could be addressed in order to minimize its impact on the target population. Think of specific
strategies or tactics that you could implement to address the issue.
C. Imagine you are in charge of addressing your chosen issue. What challenges will you face when implementing your plan? How would you
address those challenges? Support your answer with relevant research or diverse perspectives.
D. Explain the strengths of your plan and why it is likely it would be successful.

PowerPoint: You are required to include a combination of text, visuals, and speaker notes in order to support your PowerPoint presentation. Use the Check File
Compatibility With Earlier Versions and Are You Having Video or Audio Playback Issues? resources to help you check compatibility between versions of Office.
Also, follow the instructions on the Microsoft Support page to compress your presentation as a zipped file. Upload the zipped file when submitting Milestone
Three. Reducing the size of the presentation file by compressing it will make it easier for your instructor to download and grade your presentation.
*Note: The final presentation requires the use of both visuals and audio. In Module Four,