Explain the sampling method.

In this coursework you need to choose a research topic and then develop two research proposals (that are both based on the same topic). Then you should develop a critical evaluation in order to propose the most suitable approach (which might be quantitative or qualitative, or indeed a combination (ie. mixed methods) depending on what you feel is most suitable).

the topic is “An investigation into post-graduate student satisfaction within the University of Southampton’s Business School”

Part 1 – Introduction (this should be common to both proposals and so only need be presented once)

Provide a title
Background: a brief overview of the topic or problem, draw on some key pieces of topic-related literature, explain why researching the topic or problem is important.
Overall research question(s), aim(s) and objective(s): these should be clear, succinct and specific.

Part 2 – A ‘quantitative’ research proposal
Design a succinct research proposal for your chosen topic using a survey.

Research methodology/methods:
• Survey objectives: this may take the form of a hypothesis (or hypotheses), clearly stated, unambiguous, realistic, symmetrical.
• Explain the sampling method.
• Design a questionnaire that you have personally developed (include it as an Appendix) and explain how you would administer it.
• Explain how data will be analysed and presented in order to address the survey objectives.

Part 3 – A ‘qualitative’ research proposal
Design a succinct research proposal for the same topic, but this time using a ‘qualitative’, inductive approach.

Research methodology/methods:
• Explain which research methodology you have chosen.
• Explain the sampling method.
• Explain the data collection method(s) and provide a list of appropriate questions (as an Appendix) that you have personally developed.
• Explain how data will be analysed and presented in order to address the research question(s).

Part 4 – Critical evaluation
Going down through each layer of Saunders et al.’s (2016 or earlier) ‘Research Onion’, write a critical evaluation of your two research proposals developed in parts 2 and 3 (drawing on a wide range of research methodology literature). As a result, you should conclude by stating what would be, based on your critique, the most suitable approach for your chosen research topic and why. This may be the quantitative or qualitative approach, or indeed a mixture of the two – you must decide and defend your choice.

Important note: you do not actually have to collect or analyse any data for this coursework – this is just the proposal stage. Your report must though refer to the relevant concepts and literature covered during your background reading.