Explain mobile learning technologies applicable to nursing education.

Power point presentation
Paper details:
Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on any chapter within your book Handbook of Informatics 5th edition. Use other resources as well as your book. Must contain at least 5 sources of references. Summary should reflect all key points covered in the text. A 12 slide presentation is expected. A works cited slide should end your presentation. Use APA format for ppt. Use of graphics web tools embedded hyperlinks etc. expected. writer you can also mention these three items they are: 1. List ways computer technology may be used to support and enhance nursing education in clinical and academic settings.
2. List advantages and disadvantages of web based instruction.
3. Explain mobile learning technologies applicable to nursing education.
writer apply principles of learning to a selected chapter. writer will utilize technology to convey comprehension of key points of the literature as it relates to topics summarize in selected chapter. writer will expand learning through the use of additional sources of evidence to support key findings. THE NAME OF THE TEXTBOOK IS: Hebda T. & Czar P. (2013). Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Professionals 5th ed. Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson.