Explain how client needs were identified and provide examples of strategies suggested.

Area of practice is open disclosure
1. Clarify the aim or purpose of the interview?
2. What needs did the client demonstrate and how did the nurse identify the causes and features of the situation?
3. Explain the introduction strategy used.
4. Describe the pace of the interview.
5. Provide examples of open-ended or closed questions.
6. Evaluate and discuss the use of self-disclosure.
7. Explain and evaluate the closing strategy.
8. Discuss and provide examples of where the nurse listened attentively to understand the problem and evaluate the effect of this.
9. How did the nurse identify and show understanding of the clients feelings?
10. Discuss any significant non-verbal messages;
a. from the client
b. from the nurse
11. Evaluate and discuss boundary setting.
12. Evaluate the level of anxiety (escalation) within the scenario and assess and discuss the nurses de-escalation of this;
a. within self
b. of other role player
13. Explain how client needs were identified and provide examples of strategies suggested.
14. Explain the way in which evidence was used by the role play group to understand the experience and to inform the role playing.
15. Summarise the strengths and areas for improvement.
16. Explain the choice of debriefing process, describe the aim of the process and evaluate the effectiveness.
Conclude the work by summarising what the group has learned from the experience with regard to the therapeutic use of self.

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