Explain Comfort Theory applied to Pediatrics.Critique your selected theory (Comfort Theory and its Application to Pediatric Nursing) based on Fawcetts criteria.


The assignment refers to using Fawcett’s criteria for evaluating theory (Criteria for Evaluation of Theory, Fawcett 2005 article; attachment) to evaluate the theory: Comfort Theory and its Application to Pediatric Nursing.Make sure to address each of the elements as described by Fawcett such as:Parsimony- Is the theory content stated clearly and concisely?Testability- Does the research methodology reflect middle range theory?Are the middle range theory concepts observed through instruments that are appropriate empirical indicators of those concepts?Do the data analysis techniques permit measurement of the middle range theory propositions?Empirical Adequacy- Are theoretical assertions congruent with empirical evidence?I have included some references here. More recent references (less than 5 years) should be looked up and referenced.Stephens, B., Barkey, M., & Hall, H. (1999). Techniques to comfort children during stressful procedures. Advances in Mind-Body medicine, 15, 49-60.Pediatric NursingComfort Theory and Its Application to Pediatric NursingKatharine Kolcaba; Marguerite A. DiMarcoDisclosuresPediatr Nurs. 2005;31(3):187-194.