Ethics in Nursing Informatics

Meaningful Use Paper
Meaningful Use Paper
Why are many health care organizations hesitant to adopt electronic health records (EHR) when they have the potential to improve quality, increase access, and reduce costs? Some organizations are concerned with the ethical and legal issues that may arise in daily operations. In 2010, legislators noticed health care’s reluctant transition into full EHR integration, and began to provide financial incentives to those organizations that not only adopt EHRs, but also use them meaningfully to improve quality of patient care. As an advanced practice nurse, it is important to be aware of the challenges, policies, and incentives associated with integrating EHR systems. It is also critical that you understand the concept of “meaningful use” and how it plays out in today’s health care organizations.
To prepare:
In this Application Assignment, you analyze meaningful use criteria to determine the authentic legal, financial, and ethical issues that may surround it.
•Reflect on the information presented in the Learning Resources, focusing on meaningful use legislation and the “Ethics in Nursing Informatics” section of your course text.
•Investigate the legal, financial, and ethical issues surrounding meaningful use.
•Ask yourself: What are the goals of meaningful use?
To complete: Please focus on below heading to answer the question . I do not need introduction please, just go straight to the point using the heading below.
Write a 2-3 page essay in which you:
Heading 1 •Summarize the legal, financial, and ethical issues that may arise as a result of meaningful use legislation.
Heading 2 •Explain how these issues might present barriers to successful implementation within an organization.
Heading 3 •Discuss ways that health care organizations can make the most of their electronic health record investments in light of meaningful use.
Heading 4• Explain how EHR-related meaningful use legislation is being implemented in your organization.