Does ads blocking tools affect communicate and advertise to Generation Y?

Themes that distinguish social media and internet marketing
1. Common misconceptions between social media and internet marketing
2. What is social media?

Social media are the online means of communication, conveyance, collaboration, and cultication among interconnected and interdependent networks of people, communities, and organisations enhanced by technological capabilities and mobility, social media exist within a complex and rapidly advancing environment
(Tuten & Solomon, 2015). Social media has revolutionized the social integrate though last few years, social media become more significant as a marketing tool to interact and establish customer relationships and also could influence consumer behaviours. Social media becoming our core method to use internet such as Fackbook, Wechat, Instagram and twitter, these kind of social media websites affecting the Generation Y using it daily. At its most basic level it is simply a collection of websites and applications designed to build and enhance online communities for networking and sharing information (Gowey, 2014). Another side to think over is the social structures in which technology increase the power in the hand of people instead of marketers and advertising. This method needs to be considered, reason for this is because social media is altering how marketing works and how customer suppose to interact with the brand to form a connection or relationship. Social media can benefit the brand and shows the marketers with an affordable method to measure outcomes immediately when it?s adopted effectively.
3. What is online media marketing?
4. What are the pros and cons of social media marketing and online marketing?

5. Why is social media marketing the go to advertisement strategy in the modern world?
6. What elements of social media marketing may give companies leverage in the market?
7. What is Generation Y?
8. Why Generation Y is the most important customer:
9. How to engage with Generation Y by using social media?
10. What is an ad blocking tool?
11. Does ads blocking tools affect communicate and advertise to Generation Y?
12. What are the emerging issues in social media marketing, and how are they changing the way marketers and advertisers do their work?
13. What is the future of social media marketing and online media marketing?