Do you believe the Marblesshould be returned to Greece?

The Elgin Marbles
In Chapter 5, you will read about the controversy regarding whether the Elgin/Parthenon Marbles
should be returned to Greece. Your question to respond to is: Do you believe the “Marbles”should be returned to Greece? Why? Or, conversely, do you believe the “Marbles” should stay at the British Museum? Why? What has recently been done with negotiations on this issue?
You should be aware that Greece is not the only country that is seeking to repatriate their ancient artifacts. Several other countries such as China, Egypt, Italy,and Mexico are also beginning to take action, and in some case repatriation has already been achieved. So, this essay must also address how your decision would impact other museums worldwide who also own ancient works of art in their permanent collections. Be as thorough as possible in your essay. You must take a firm position; do not be indecisive because it is an actual dilemma in the art world and I want you to defend your position.