Discuss why failure can be important to creating value.

Briefly in your own words describe the distinction between explicit knowledge and implicit (tacit) knowledge. Next describe the knowledge network cycle that transforms individual knowledge into organizational knowledge. Be sure to identify any key transformations within your response.

Discuss two (2) fundamental challenges of data storage and information sharing associated with a companys knowledge management system. Next hypothesize how one would overcome the problem of “not knowing what you know.” Provide support for your response.

“Capturing Value” Please respond to the following:

Discuss why failure can be important to creating value. Next determine how this rationale relates to the learning cycle. Provide examples to support your response.

Identify which of the four (4) core stages of entrepreneurship you believe is the most challenging to overcome in regards to; recognizing the opportunity, finding the resources, developing the venture, or capturing the value. Explain your rationale for your selection.