Discuss the primary differences between face-to-face and virtual teams.

Continue your analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River by focusing on groups and organizational processes, using the Step by Step Analysis.

The steps of analysis are the same as those explained in Unit 1:
Step #1 Introduction and Background
Step #2 Organizational Analysis
Step #3 Alternatives and Recommendations
Step #4 Implementation with a Contingency Plan

The topics to analyze for this unit are:

Work Groups/Teams

Keep in mind the differences that exist between FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen and continue to think in terms of the differences you see in both facilities for each of these three topics.

For example, what are the differences in the work groups, leadership styles, and communication processes? What methods would work at the Green River facility for each of these three topics and why. How will you implement these changes?

MGT322 Unit 3 DB 4-5 paragraphs

Discuss the primary differences between face-to-face and virtual teams. Explain why the Aberdeen model can or cannot be implemented in other organizations that rely heavily on virtual teams.

Use the course material and other materials (e.g., articles, books, journals, etc.) to support your argument. If applicable, include your own personal experience to also support your argument. Use the APA guidelines when citing and referencing your sources.